30 november 2022 MADRID

Fashion Dinner


In the DINNER format, we will focus once a month on different digital verticals and sectors to create new business opportunities among the Spanish digital ecosystem’s best professionals.

Only 12 decision-makers of the TOP of Spanish eCommerce and the 12 most innovative solutions of each sector will be able to participate in the Digital 1to1 Dinner of each sector.


150 1to1 meetings between CEOs, CMOs, and Founders of major Fashion, Beauty and Luxury Brands, Retailers and E-commerce representatives of digital solutions from eCommerce Tech and Retail Tech.

3 minute speed networking to discover new synergies.

Dinner and cocktail to deepen the conversations that have aroused the greatest interest.


18.30h - Cocktail networking

19h - Speednetworking 1to1

20h - Networking dinner

Digital 1to1 Pictures

These retailers, e-commerce and brands attended last edition

Pepe Jeans
Pepe Jeans

These digital solutions attended last edition

“I have found really useful answers and contacts”
Jordi Badia
CIO - Venca

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