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Online business meetings – Increase your network

Technology offers us a wide range of new opportunities, many of which were not even in our imagination yet. Apart from creating new ways to communicate with each other, we discovered new ways to work. In a moment where we need to be more connected than ever, technology takes a step forward and allows us to create virtual events.

If you are looking for new business partnerships we invite you to discover online business meetings.

top 30 travel


A good Hiver loves to travel and we like it to do it properly.

The access to information changed the way we travel and once we decide our destination we start researching our possibilities. 

Best flights, choosing the amount of days in every location, an all-included holiday or a crazy adventure? 

resaca digital1to1

Digital 1to1 Hangover

All the Hivers were really well prepared for the Digital1to1 but, what about the post-Digital?

Lots of meetings, networking, leads, new synergies… now is the time to organize all the new information and to get down to work. But before that, we always like to look back to see how it was (and let’s be honest, it’s nice to give a bit of envy to the guys who couldn’t make it this time).

Digital 1to1 Europe 2017 meets more than 300 digital leaders

Barcelona, ​​November 7, 2017. The fourth edition of Digital 1to1 Europe took place on October 19th and 20th, two intense days of work in which more than 300 international participants gathered – leading companies in Europe, Institutions, FMCG, Etail / Retail, Ecommerce solutions, experts in Digital Transformation and Digital Marketing – all of which revealed the challenges and latest news that the sector offers.