GEOTELECOM: Burgos at Home

How can we help?

We have created a marketplace so that any business in the city of Burgos can show their products and get sales besides of the Covid 19 crisis. In just over a month, we have managed to register 97 stores with a traffic of 50,000 sessions in such a short time. The project is 100% supportive and non-profit. No commission, fee, royalty or expense of any kind is charged.

Additionally, we are developing new ways to achieve a unified distribution of, for example, grocery stores in the same market as well as improved transport conditions by adding the volume of all of them.

The project has been carried out between Difadi (local development agency) and Geotelecom (digital marketing agency) in order to help traditional Burgos trade.


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When you face difficulties there is no other option than standing shoulder to shoulder to keep growing. Creativity, solidarity and new opportunities are now more in line than ever.