Opticks: 2 Months Free in Online Advertising Fraud Solution

How can we help?

Opticks is a cybersecurity company that offers solutions against online advertising fraud. Our solutions provide detection and blocking of fraudulent traffic in real time so that our clients safeguard their marketing budget and obtain a Transparent and actionable analytics.

Our solutions offer advanced and customizable analysis against e.g. bot traffic, clickjacking, APKs, datacenters, etc.

Our easy integration makes us the solution of choice for forward-looking companies to protect their digital marketing.

How do we help companies during these difficult times?

In the current difficult context of cost reduction, it is more important than ever to ensure that fundraising budgets are free from any type of fraud. We will carry out an extended Proof-of-Concept of protection against advertising fraud, during which:

  1. We will offer a first consultative session to identify potential fraud that the company may be suffering.
  2. We will implement our solutions for your digital marketing use case.
  3. We will facilitate learning and provide technical support on how to use our tool to optimize marketing campaigns, protect digital inventory and reduce costs.
  4. Participants can use our anti-fraud system for all their online marketing campaigns for 2 months FREE “

Website: www.optickssecurity.com

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