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YOSH.AI: Special offers for our online assistant

How can we help?

In this time of crisis we would like to reach out to any companies that may need our support. Our assistant can: answer FAQ (modifiable daily), direct customers to the closest store, provide delivery status, search products, verify product availability and more. The solution was implemented for the Polish Ministry of Health help-line for Covid-19.

Our special #HelpMeHelpYou offer includes:

  • Version 1: FREE POC voice & text assistant for the phone line customer support – voice channels: phone line, Google Assistant text channels: website, Messenger.
    Automatic voice & text assistant with 20 FAQ; channels: text (implemented on client site www or client facebook page) & voice (phone line/ customer support or Google assistant) – free of charge for creating the bot + 14 days of trial usage for Messenger & Google Assistant (no payment per request up till 5000 requests)
  • Version 2: 50 FAQ + 1 or 2 functionalities (e.g. store location, product search) channels: text (webchat) –  5 K £ + usage fee as above

Website: www.yosh.ai

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