ZERO GREY: Find Products Against Covid19

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In the words of Daniel Viniegra, CEO of ZeroGrey Spain, “we wanted to put our knowledge and our technology at the service of companies, so that they could quickly and easily purchase prevention products for Covid19 at market prices.

Barcelona Tech City, the association of technological and digital companies that represents more than 1,000 companies and of which ZeroGrey is a Corporate Partner, has made possible the contact between ZeroGrey and the Barcelona Chamber of Commerce, who quickly accepted the proposal in order to facilitate the creation of this new project.

The new platform is aimed exclusively at companies and corporations, which may acquire from face masks, thermometers and hand sanitizing gels, to protective suits and pulse oximeters; all preventive products that allow you to work with greater peace of mind, reducing the risks of infection.

MerCovid19 becomes the starting point for other companies and public entities to be inspired by carrying out similar projects in order to collaborate with the improvement of the economy of each community.


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